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Here at Elite Traffic Team, we run a very special and UNIQUE team build opportunity. This is a Team Build where you DO NOT pay every month while you wait on getting results!! Our Team Build is called Top of The Team. It allows you to be placed at the top of a team of 10+ paid and active team members – These 10 team members are secured for you BEFORE you register your own account. In fact, we keep a list of 100 people who have paid to be part of the team already and are ready to be placed AFTER you have registered.

You can see this list of 100 people, and talk to them at any time in our Facebook group: https://www.facebookTo join Top of The Team there is a one-off non-refundable payment of $15 (FYI: You can earn $20+ in 15 mins by Clicking Here to Join Coinbase for Free and watching the videos in the Earn Rewards section). The one-off $15 payment for Top of the Team is used to fund professional-level marketing, which is how we gain 10 referrals for you.

In other words you know in ADVANCE of registration that you have 10 PAID team members ready to be placed in your team when you register. Please expect a delay after paying the $15 before you are contacted with the link to register. During this time we will be working to add more paid members to the list so we can guarantee your success. After registration, you will be given a free position in team number 1 for 30 days (which starts on registration, not on paying the $15).

This allows us time to add paid referrals to your team and allows us to make sure ongoing costs are more than covered for you. After 30 days the cost of the account for team number 1 is $10 per month + admin fees for the site ($11.50 total) which you pay directly on site – Team Build number 1 is done using the site All in One Profits (AIOP). AIOP has been specifically chosen because it provides all the tools you need to automate team building and/or sales for any other main business you may already be working with. It also pays 100% commissions which means you will be in profit with just 2 paid team members, and we secure 10 for you in advance of you joining it.

Training to use the tools on AIOP to automate your team building and sales with ANY program is also provided. Please note that non-payment of the monthly fee to All in One Profits will forfeit your place at the top of the team. You will earn a commission of $10 per month per referral on All in One Profits, with 10 paid team members that mean earnings of $100+ per month. When your 10 referrals are given their own team members that = $1000+ per month You will be given the opportunity to join further team builds later (There are no obligations to join other programs we introduce). As an added bonus for joining Top of The Team you will receive the following advertising package on Elite Traffic Team:

Thank you for reading joining and welcome to WealthyWalletBusinessBuilder! Contact me anytime if you have any questions about this business…

Get started today!

Proud AIOP & WealthyWalletBusinessBuilder MemberSmile

PS: Start Advertising, Build YOUR list, and Get MULTIPLE Referrals – all with just 1 Link! Should you decide to cancel your membership, you’ll immediately stop receiving messages from that specific list. Many mailers also offer you the smooth option to “go on vacation” and stop receiving messages during a period.

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