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I receive as well as work hard to find the very best PASSIVE and (REAL) programs. I have found another real winner here! Not Sure if this has reached you yet, but the APP has not launched yet. Apple requested modifications in the iOS Version which is being reviewed now. But the Android version is ready.

This means that the launch is imminent, and if you were to join today as an affiliate, you would only pay $9,95 for one year. Of course, you could remain a free member and still make a killing with the monthly income for doing nothing.

This is a personal Invitation for you to join me and become a super Affiliate in the pre-build phase. I hope you see the potential and position yourself early too.

This is what it is about:

A free App with which you can earn money monthly for free by doing nothing more than just downloading and installing it. You will earn anywhere from $5 to $25 per month or more as a free member with no referrals. But should you choose to share the APP with others, your monthly earning potential becomes unlimited.

You can become an affiliate for just $9.95 per month, to open up even more earning options. “BUT”, if you pay the $9.95 now before the APP goes live, you will become a FOUNDING MEMBER and the $9.95 will
no longer be monthly, but will be $9.95 for 12 months. If you don’t watch the compensation video you may
be making a “HUGE MISTAKE”. So, I recommend you do, before you even consider pre-registering for the APP.

Again free members earn even without sharing the APP with anyone, but if they do, they earn $1 monthly
for every free member that uses the app through them.

How cool?.



Now, I’m sure you are curious to know more, or even get started. I don’t know many people that won’t accept free money, which this really is – free Money! I am talking here about “Tapestri” which gets you paid without you doing any work.

I invite you to become an Affiliate during this building phase. if you chose to refer others, you will be earning:

1. $1 Monthly from every referral, even if they are free.
2. $1 from everyone in your 2nd generation
3. 50% Matching bonus
4. Have a share of the millions of orphan members that will be downloading the app without a sponsor.
5. And much more

So, pay close attention to all these benefits, as you review the short videos. Use the link below to review all the information. And if that is something that resonates with you, just like it did with me, then consider joining today before the app goes live.

You can remain a free member and still be earning ongoing monthly commissions or become an affiliate to earn even more. Should you decide to become an Affiliate today, set a goal to become a Super Affiliate.
The video will explain why.


How to Receive Your Bonus!

After successful registration with 5BillionSales, send an email with subject: “5BillionSales Bonus” to and your bonus materials will be forwarded to your inbox appropriately within 24 hours of receipt.

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